General Veterinary Care in Greenfield

Our veterinary services can help your pet stay healthy and happy.

Complete Veterinary Care For Your Companion

Our pet clinic’s quality veterinary services and care are delivered to our customers through empathy for the patient and unmatched bedside manner. Westwood Veterinary Clinic was created to be your animal’s care center, meeting their needs as well as yours. We designed our full-service veterinary hospital to offer complete veterinary care. These are Westwood Veterinary Clinic’s commitments to our clients and their pets.

Westwood Veterinary Clinic offers complete care for your pet. We feature onsite consultation, surgical, laboratory, and pharmacy services. We can quickly analyze medical samples in our laboratory that is equipped with the latest in cutting-edge vet care technology. This enables us to offer critical diagnostics for time-sensitive treatment services. We also utilize anesthetic regimens that have the safest protocols administered by our expertly trained team members. Our onsite radiology services enable us to produce complete digital results in minutes.