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Dr. Holly Jacobson

Chief Veterinarian

About Dr. Holly

Dr. Holly Jacobson has been practicing veterinary medicine for more than 30 years. A graduate of Colorado State University, where she received her undergraduate degree, and Purdue University Veterinary School, Dr. Jacobson has a love for all animals and counts as her own pets a dachshund named Franklin, numerous cats, fish, and even a parrot. She has had horses and goats while growing up in Lafayette, Indiana. Dr. Jacobson has worked in both private practice and in corporate settings, and joins Westwood Veterinary Clinic as its Chief Veterinarian. Her interests include hang gliding and bobsledding. She is married with four children.


Dr. Jeffrey Hanssen

Owner Emeritus, Chief Surgeon

About Dr. Jeff

A Greenfield native, Dr. Jeffrey Hanssen has headed Westwood Veterinary Clinic for the past 40 years until his recent retirement from full-time practice in May 2021. Dr. Hanssen graduated from Purdue University Veterinary School in May 1980. He enjoys gardening, camping, hiking, and especially reading. He loves practicing veterinary medicine and interacting with all of the owners and pets. He is especially fond of cats. He has two grown children and has been married for 32 1/2 years.