Advice for Pet Owners on Camping Safety

Looking up at the starry sky with your furry friend nestled beside you by the campfire is a beautiful feeling that can’t be beaten. Camping is a great way to explore the great outdoors with your pet, but keeping them safe and sound is essential. Our team has compiled a list of camping safety tips for pet owners that you’ll want to bookmark before your next adventure!

#1: Give your pet a trial camping run

If this is your first camping trip with your pet, let them try the tent in your backyard first. Set it up and let your pet sniff, explore, and get comfortable with the scents and sounds of their new digs.

#2: Keep your pet visible

When you’re camping, visibility at night can be challenging without electricity. Help your pet stay safe and visible by investing in a reflective collar or harness or even an LED collar.

During the day, ensure your pet stands out with a vibrant orange vest or collar, making them easy to spot if they wander off.

#3: Be prepared for pet first aid

In the wilderness, being skilled in pet first aid is essential. Knowing how to stabilize their condition could be a lifesaver if your pet falls gets stung by insects, or runs into trouble on the trail.

#4: Plan a visit to the vet

Before setting off on your outdoor experience, take your pet for a check-up with your veterinarian. They may recommend vaccinating against diseases like leptospirosis, which can be transmitted through wildlife urine, or Lyme disease, which is tick-borne. Before heading out, parasite prevention, such as flea, tick, and mosquito products, is also critical to protect your pet’s health.

Our team is here to help whether you need pet first aid, updated vaccinations, or parasite protection for your furry friend before your next big camping trip. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.